Constitution of The Manitoba Association of School Business Officials


The Manitoba Association of School Business Officials is dedicated to public education by providing professional development and leadership opportunities for its members, and through collaboration with our educational partners.


The Manitoba Association of School Business Officials is an autonomous, non-profit, professional organization dedicated to improving the quality of School Business Management and the status, competency, leadership qualities, and ethical standards of School Business Officials at all levels.


To this end, the MASBO identifies the following as its objectives:

  1. A) To establish and maintain high standards of ethics and efficiency in School Business methods and practices, in keeping with MASBO’s Code of Professional Conduct.

  2. B) To provide professional development for its membership by initiating and sustaining an educational program of workshops, seminars, conferences, and annual meetings that will be meaningful to all involved in School Business Management, and to encourage the development of courses and educational programs in the School Business field or in any activities that would promote and strengthen education and School Business Management.

  3. C) To act as a forum through which all members will be encouraged to exchange and share information and ideas with persons of similar interests and responsibilities.

  4. D) To identify and be responsive to the needs of the profession and its membership.

  5. E) To advance the status of the School Business Official at all levels providing assistance to members on a group or individual basis.

  6. F) To actively contribute in a positive way to the decision-making process at the provincial, inter-organizational and local level.

  7. G) To actively partner with Manitoba Education and other educational stakeholder groups.




The Office of the Association shall be at such place as the Executive may from time to time decide.



  1. Membership in the Association requires adherence to MASBO’s Code of Professional Conduct.

  2. Membership shall consist of Active, Honorary, and Life Members.

  3. Each person eligible to become an Active Member and having paid the annual dues for the coming year shall be entitled to the privilege of membership.

  4. Active Membership shall be open to management, supervisory and other administrative officials employed by school divisions, school districts and school areas in the fields of finance, maintenance, transportation and other school business related areas.

  5. Active members are subject to fees and may vote and hold office.

  6. The Executive reserves the right to revoke an Active, Life or Honorary Memberships.

Life and Honourary Memberships:

  1. A) Life Memberships

  2. Life Membership will be conferred upon any Past President.

  3. Life Memberships will be considered by the Executive for those members who have served the organization for ten (10) years, at least six (6) of which have been at the Executive level.

  • Other criteria for Life Membership:

  1. Years need not be consecutive.

  2. Include all MASBO approved committee involvement including standing and ad hoc committees, appointments to external committees.

  3. Failing access to MASBO documentation the Executive could consider affirmation of service in the way of personal affidavits.

  4. Life Memberships will be conferred at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) when the recipient leaves eligible employment.

  5. No nomination is required, this is automatic upon meeting the service requirement and at the time of the member’s retirement or if the member leaves MASBO.

  6. The Executive may at its discretion bestow life membership in an exceptional circumstance to a member who has not attained the “ten (10) years of service, six (6) of which were at the Executive level.”

vii) Life members are not subject to membership and conference fees.

viii)If Life Members become actively re-employed in school business, they must re-enter the Association as Active Members for the period so employed.

  1. Honourary Memberships

  2. Honourary Membership shall be considered by the Executive for those individuals who did not qualify for membership, but who have made an outstanding contribution to the Association.

  3. Criteria for Honourary Memberships:

  4. Longevity (years of contribution), although longevity may enhance a nomination, no minimum number of years is required.

  5. Someone who has helped MASBO achieve its mission and goals.

  • Provided advice and support.

  • Provided professional development.

  • Nomination process for Honourary Memberships:

  1. Written nominations including rational are submitted to the Executive Director each year for the consideration by the Executive.

  2. Honourary members are not subject to membership or conference fees.


An AGM will be held annually.

The date and location of the meeting shall be determined by the Executive and approved by a majority vote of the members present at the AGM at least two years in advance.

The Executive may call a Special Meeting when deemed necessary to consider urgent matters of business, which cannot be held over until the AGM.

Written notice setting forth the time, date, and place of such AGMs or Special Meetings shall be forwarded by mail to all members at least twenty (20) days in advance of such meeting date.

Meetings of the Executive shall be held as often as the business of the Association shall require and at least three times in each year, between the AGMs, and shall be called by the President. Meetings of the Executive shall be called with at least five (5) days’ notice. Any six (6) members shall constitute a quorum and the meeting may be held without notice if notice is waived by all Executive members.

Executive members can attend meetings of the Executive by video conferencing or telephone and are included in the quorum.  The President shall delegate the responsibility of chairing meetings to the President-elect, if they are not able to attend in person.  If the President-Elect is unable to attend in person, then another executive member.



All Executive members must be paid up members of the Association.

All Executive positions are considered vacated if;

  1. By notice, in writing, to the Association, resigns their office.

  2. Ceases to be a member of the Association or region in which they are a representative.

iii)  Assumes another position on the Executive.

  1. Misses three consecutive Executive meetings without approval of the Executive.



  1. A) President-Elect

  2. The President-Elect shall be elected by secret ballot at the AGM for a one-year (1) term.

  3. The President-Elect will automatically proceed to the position of President the following year.

iii)  The President-Elect will automatically proceed to the position of Past-President the year after serving as President.

  1. B) Provincial Directors

  2. i) Provincial Directors shall be elected by secret ballot at the AGM for two-year (2) terms as follows:

Even Numbered Years:

  1. One representative of Business & Finance from Urban Winnipeg Divisions.

  2. One representative of Transportation.

Odd Numbered Years:

  1. One representative of Business & Finance from Rural Divisions/Districts.

  2. One representative of Maintenance.

  3. ii) A candidate can serve for a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms as a Provincial Director. If a candidate has served for two (2) consecutive terms, they are eligible to serve again in the position if they have not served in the position for at least one (1) term.

  4. C) Regional Directors

  5. There shall be one (1) Regional Director fromeach of three (3) Regions which shall be comprised ofthe Divisions/Districts as follows:


Region 1 Northwestern

Region 2 Winnipeg

Region 3 South-Interlake

Flin Flon

Louis Riel


Mystery Lake

Pembina Trails



Seven Oaks

Lord Selkirk

Beautiful Plains




River East Transcona


Fort La Bosse

St. James Assiniboia


Mountain View

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology 


Park West


Garden Valley

Pine Creek


Prairie Rose

Prairie Spirit



Rolling River



Southwest Horizon



Swan Valley


Red River Valley

Turtle Mountain


Portage La Prairie

Turtle River





Seine River


  1. Directors, representing each of the regions, shall be elected by the members of the respective regions prior to the AGM for a three year (3) term. Candidates shall be paid-up active members of the Association. Regional Directors will be elected on an alternating basis with one member completing a three year (3) term each year and one new member being elected, base year is 2013 – 2014.

  2. D) Regional Representatives

  3. i) Representatives of each constituent group shall be elected members of the respective Regions prior to the AGM for a one (1) year term.

  4. ii) Regional Representatives shall be elected as follows:

  5. a) One representative of Business and Finance.

  6. b) One representative of Maintenance.

  7. c) One representative of Transportation.


iii)   Election of Regional Representatives

  1. a) Each year, prior to the Annual General Meeting, the election of a Regional Representative shall be conducted within that region.

  2. b) Notice of such elections shall be sent by the Regional Director to each member in the region at least five (5) days prior to the date of the election.

  3. c) The Regional Representative shall be a member in that region and may also serve as Regional Director.

  • Representatives shall be elected by majority vote of votes cast by members of the region.

  • Should a Representative elected at a regional meeting become unavailable to accept or continue to hold office, a replacement shall be elected by members of the region concerned in accordance with this Constitution.

  1. iv) The Regional Director or any other member of that region may serve in one or more positions as Regional Representative.

  2. The position of a Regional Representative shall be vacated if the Regional Representative:

  3. By notice, in writing, to the Association, resigns from the position.

  4. Ceases to be a member of the Association or region in which he/she is a representative.




  1. The business of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive consisting of the following Executive Officers of the Association:



Past President

Provincial Directors (4)

Regional Directors (3)

Executive Director (ex-officio, non-voting)

  1. B) If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the position is filled by the President-Elect for the remainder of the vacated term. The office of the President-Elect is filled by appointment of one of the Provincial Directors by the Executive. The Director vacancy is filled by a member from the appropriate constituent group by appointment by the Executive. Said appointments shall terminate at the next AGM.

After the AGM, the President-Elect shall complete his/her original term as President; the appointed President-Elect shall resume his/her term as Director. The Past President shall remain on the Executive for an extra term.

  1. C) The Executive shall, subject to this Constitution and direction given to them by a majority vote at any general meeting or special meeting, have full control and management of the business affairs of the Association.

  2. D) The Executive Director shall be appointed by the Executive and shall hold office for such time as designated by the Executive.

  3. E) The members of the Executive, except for the Executive Director, shall serve without remuneration; but any member may be reimbursed from the funds of the Association in the amount of any reasonable travelling and other expenses necessarily incurred in discharging their duties as a member of the Executive.

  4. F) Upon the recommendations of the President and the Executive Director, the Executive shall approve the committee representatives of the Association.

  5. G) The Executive shall appoint an independent certified accountant, to examine the financial records of the Association and prepare a review engagement report for the Executive to present to the membership at the AGM.

  6. H) The signing officers for the Association shall be the President, President-Elect, Past President and the Administrative Assistant.




  1. A) The President shall:

  2. i) Call and preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive; have general supervision of the affairs of the Association and perform the duties usually devolving upon the chief executive of such Association; be vested with the power to call special meetings of the Executive, designating the date, time and place. Each member shall be notified of the reason(s) for the special meeting at least five (5) days prior to the special meeting date.

  3. ii) Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

  • Have power to approve expenses incurred by the Association, such expenses shall be reported at the next meeting of the Executive.

  1. iv) Be the Chair of the Executive Committee.

  2. B) The President-Elect shall:

  3. i) Exercise all the functions of the President in the absence of the President.

  4. ii) Be the Chair of the Convention Committee.

  5. C) The Executive Director shall:

  6. i) Have the general responsibility of administering the affairs of the Association.

  7. ii) Execute the policies and instructions of the Executive.

  8. Call for, receive and prepare all resolutions for approval by the executive and for presentation and approval at the AGM.

  9. iv) Perform the duties as listed in the Position Description.

  10. D) The Executive shall:

  11. i) Be vested with the power to appoint an Executive Director who may or may not be a member of the Manitoba Association of School Business Officials and set and pay their salary.

  12. ii) Meet at the call of the President and have power to fill vacancies in the body of officers. The expenses of meetings of the Executive shall be borne by the Association.

  13. E) The Table Officers shall consist of:


Provincial Directors (4)


Past President

Executive Director

At the call of the President, the Table Officers, in whole or in part, shall:

  1. Function as a Committee of the Association and, as such, shall report to the Executive for formal decision-making purposes.

  2. Liaise with the Minister of Manitoba Education and Training or their designates, the Executive of other organizations, or other appropriate individuals, to represent the interests and concerns of the Association.

iii)   Meet to consider or respond to issues or matters that arise and require prompt response.

iii)   The Executive Director shall notify the table officers the purpose of the meeting.

  1. F) Committees

  2. i) Past President’s Council shall:

  3. Consist of the immediate past president and the four most recent active past presidents and the executive director, as members of the council.

  4. Be chaired by the immediate Past President.

  5. Prepare reports and make recommendations to the Executive on special tasks as mandated by the executive.

  6. Propose amendments to the executive regarding the associations Mission Statement, Professional Code of Conduct and Constitution, as required.

  7. ii) Professional Development Committee shall:

  8. Consist of the President Elect, Past President, the Provincial Directors, Executive Director and theExecutive Assistant. The terms of membership coincide with the terms of office of the respective members as outlined in the MASBO Constitution. 

  9. Professional Development Committee is responsible for the planning and delivery of all the professional development requirements and events of the Association. This includes the professional development planning for:

  • The annual member’s professional development day, normally held in November.

  • The Maintenance/Transportation Conference, normally held in February.

  • The AGM and Convention, normally held in May/June.

  • Any other professional development initiatives that may be identified from time to time.

  1. The Committee is chaired by the President Elect who reports to the Provincial Executive.

iii)   Finance Committee shall:

  1. Consist of the Provincial Directors of Business/Finance (Urban and Rural – co-chairs), and all regional finance representatives.

  2. Maintenance Committee shall:

  3. Consist of the Provincial Director of Maintenance, and all regional maintenance representatives.

  4. Transportation Committee shall:

  5. Consist of the Provincial Director of Transportation, and all regional transportation representatives.

  6. Nominating Committee shall:

  7. Consist of one member appointed by the Executive, and one member who is not a member of the Executive, elected from the membership by the membership at the AGM to serve for the coming year. The third member and Chair of the Nominating Committee shall be the Past President of the Association.


  1. Present a list of nominees for the position of President-Elect; and Provincial Directors at least fourteen (14) days prior to the AGM.

  2. Report at the AGM.

  • Publications Committee shall:

  1. a) Consist of four members including a chair, all appointed by the Executive. Executive Director provides oversight.

  • Committees may be established and members appointed by the Executive, as required.




Only active members whose dues are paid are entitled to vote at the AGM.

At least forty per cent (40%) of the acting members must be in attendance at the Business Session of an AGM or a special meeting to constitute a quorum. A favorable vote of two-thirds of the active members present shall be required to adopt motions.

Amendments to the Mission Statement, Code of Professional Conduct and Constitution must be approved at the AGM provided that Notice of Motion be presented prior to the Business Session.

A member of the Executive may be removed from office by a seventy-five per cent (75%) majority vote of members present at an AGM or a Special Meeting of the Association.




The proceedings of the AGM in the form of an annual report shall be published under the direction of the Executive.



The Executive shall set the annual dues of active members.

The Executive is authorized to charge a registration fee for events sponsored by the Association.

Membership fees paid on behalf of a member may be transferred to the new person occupying the position for the balance of the membership year.


Membership Years and Fiscal Years:

The membership year and the fiscal year of the Association shall extend from July 1st to June 30th.


(May, 2018)

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