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Code of Professional Conduct

This code is designed to promote a quality of behavior that reflects honour and dignity on the profession of school business officials and as such the school business officials must maintain standards of exemplary professional conduct. Therefore, school business officials subscribe to the following code of professional conduct.

A School Business Official:

  1. Recognizes that the well being of students is the fundamental value in all decision-making actions.

  2. Carries out his/her duties in compliance with all the statutes and regulations set down by the provincial government and pursuant to all policies of the Board of Trustees.

  3. Works cooperatively with the Board of Trustees and administrative staff, including the development of the annual budget and the allocation of resources to best meet the abilities, interests and needs of all students.

  4. Sets standards for:
    a) business and financial efficiency in schools and strives to obtain maximum

    value for each dollar expended;
    b) safe and efficient delivery of student transportation services;

    c) a safe, sustainable energy efficient and clean physical environment conducive to maximal student learning;

    d) workplace safety and health practices;
    e) progressive, sustainable and efficient human resource practices;

    f) cost effective and efficient information technology systems and services.

  5. Treats fairly and courteously all companies and individuals that have business dealings with

    schools and fosters and promotes fair, legal and ethical trade practices.

  6. Refrains from using the position for personal gain.

  7. Supports the principle of fairness and protection of individual rights.

  8. Provides the Board of Trustees and administrative staff with all relevant information for decision making consistent with the school division's educational goals and policies.

  9. Refrains from publicly criticizing members of the Board of Trustees and divisional staff.

10. Upholds the profession's honor and dignity and seeks to maintain or improve the effectiveness

of the profession through research and continued professional development.
11. Supports and contributes to the profession with participation in both regional and provincial

Association activities; accepts assignments and responsibilities on behalf of the Association;

participates in Association research projects.
12. Supports the actions of a fellow member of the profession whenever possible, and offers

assistance and/or guidance to a colleague when such help is requested or when the need is

13. Continues upgrading through professional development whether it is through Association

sponsored seminars or through courses offered by other outside agencies.

14. Cooperates with other members in the exchange of information.


An alleged breach of the Code of Professional Conduct will be referred to the Past Presidents' Council for review, and may result in disciplinary action which may include revocation of membership privileges. The member has the right of appeal, and said appeal will be referred to the Executive.


Approved: Executive Meeting May 4, 2012

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